celebrate the ART of the body

and everything that comes with that

Body ART - let yourself be captured as the art that you are. With a female gaze instead of the male gaze. 
Sometimes from a life changing periode, other times because you want to celebrate YOU and want a document of you. Let me know your story and we'll make some art together to cherish for decades. 

How does it work? We'll have a talk, a good conversation where I'd like to get to know you, and you probably want to get to know me too. We dive into your story, values and your vision.  

I make art for you of you (don't have to make it cause I truly believe you are already a piece of walking art).  You love personal development & growth. And this is just another step in that proces.  

I'll let you see some examples and possibilities. After you've seen them we'll make your own personal plan: atmosphere, location, kind of photo's. It's about the story of YOU. You already have a story, a body which have brought you to this point. Let's capture the ART of it and stop time for decades to cherish.  

"Je hebt mij steeds veel vertrouwen gegeven, op mijn gemak gesteld.
Het is best spannend om een shoot te gaan doen. Doordat het heel natuurlijk voelde en we ook veel lol hebben gehad is het resultaat echt te gek geworden. Al jaren dacht ik; ik wil zoiets een keer doen maar kon geen fotograaf vinden wie kon maken wat ik zocht. Tot ik jouw shoot van Thirza zag: toen wist ik meteen dit ga ik bij Sonja doen. Bij de reveal tot tranen geroerd: Het zijn beelden geworden welke puur zijn en kracht uitstralen, precies wat ik wilde. Ben er ontzettend blij mee!" 

- pauline

Female Strenght & elegance 

You walk away with a package of images, a new experience and the big convidence boost that comes along with this personal proces.   

Investments starting at €459.-


Female community

Let yourself become an art piece.

The first step is to fill in the contact form and get yourself a date. 
It all starts with an action.