Lifestyle shoots can be done anytime. You can really swoon over the memories of a lifestyle shoot you've had. So it's perfect for a (newborn) baby or familyshoot. That's why me and my family do this kind of shoot each year. Relaxing, playing and having a photographer who captures it all, great memories.


Being pregnant changes everything, but it lasts not that long (I know... when you're pregnant it can seem for ages... but believe me, when the baby has arrived you can't recall being pregnant). Because it's a precious time it can be so lovely to caputure the transformation of becoming a mom.
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Finally your baby has arrived, all the new stuff in your live can be overwhelming. Sleepless nights but also pure love and cuddling all day. Getting to know eachother. This intense and precious beginning does not last long. Your baby's face is chaning and he/she is getting new 'feautures' every week :-). I love to caputere those moments, especially when the whole family is at home. 


A family shoot can be done anytime, after your little one is 3 months old till grown up kids. Looking for a perfect anniversairy gift? A familyshoot is the way to go. We will choose a beautiful location and walk, play and pose. 

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