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A Paris elopement

This pure sang romantic city elopement with a weddingday which can best be described as a lovely date at the décor of Paris, has the elegant colours of this all time favorite city. The pastels, ivory and blue tones come together in this love story.

The idea behind the shoot
We wanted to show a young creative couple who are pure romantics, (he is a musician and she’s a psychiatrist who loves to photograph in her spare time) and wanted to elope. The City of Paris has been our inspiration for the colourpalette and sphere of this shoot. Paris has a vibrant vibe with true romantic elements. You can see those two keywords throughout this inspirational shoot.
They started the day at the luxe, light and spacious apartment with great windows and French balcony nearby the Mont Marte. The old ornaments, fireplace referring to the romantic and sophisticated style. He had left here a note on her pillow, to express his feelings on this special day. They enjoyed having breakfast together and slow starting this day. For they have chosen to make it their day. They helped each other getting dressed and went off for their wedding date. Of course she would choose an easy to wear dress in the city but would not compromise in style. The textured thick lace and low back, with a high neck make it a true statement: elegant meets fashions (and a little bit of rock). He chose an all-time favorite the black suit. To spark it a bit up she chose golden high heels.
They enjoyed the beautiful scenery, ancient buildings, music and each other.
The vows were partly written on handcrafted paper, so it will be hanging in their loft ones back home.

Tips for this look
Start with a base of white and pastels. Keep it classic when it comes to color choses. Fill it up with one color of choice and textures in the shoes. Add personal elements to make your day the best date ever: like cute little notes, handwritten vows, a song prepared for your love one. It’s in the classic colorpallette and the personal touches (Identity dress, personal designed rings) that make your Paris elopement the best day you ever had.


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